Woman Shares her Testimony with J. Cole

The woman in the video below had a nonchalant encounter with Grammy-nominated rapper J. Cole while he was filming his documentary for his album 4 Your Eyes Only.  What she shared with him was beyond inspiring.

J. Cole learned that the woman had lost two kids in tragic events, yet she was resilient and filled with hope. This caused him to question the reason for her motivation. I mean, what could possibly keep someone’s spirit so steadfast?The hope she had in light of her situation transcends understanding, yet her answer was simple, but still profound: God. “Jesus is definitely the answer,” she said.

This woman’s faith must have moved J. Cole in some way. Maybe he pondered on it later on that day, who knows. Nonetheless, a seed was planted in him, and now God can continue to nurture it.

Granted, the woman probably didn’t know or recognize J. Cole since he had to introduce himself before he left. But with the a camera man filming, she must’ve had an idea that he was famous. Yet, she didn’t back down or let the camera scare her; instead, she shared her testimony and brought glory to God.

What Would you Do in a Similar Situation?

Imagine you had the opportunity to meet a celebrity you admire…Better yet, imagine getting the opportunity to have a brief conversation with them…What would you say to them?

Would you tremble in their presence, beg for their autograph? Would you feel like they are above you, even unapproachable because of their status?

OR…would you see them as Jesus would see them? Jesus viewed people with eyes of compassion. He understood that all humans, no matter how talented, wealthy, or famous, are broken and utterly separated from God unless redeemed by grace.

Paul and King Agrippa

Similar to this woman, Paul didn’t shy away from sharing his testimony to King Agrippa (Acts 26), one of the rulers of Rome from the Herodian Dynasty. He was a high powered man and carried tremendous influence, but Paul knew that Agrippa was broken and needed to hear about Jesus.

Paul shared his testimony with boldness, and the king and those in his hearing listened attentively. Think about it: if you were a king and someone was bold enough to share their testimony before your hearing, you would probably be impressed.

Although we don’t know if King Agrippa later became a believer, we know for sure that he was impacted by what Paul shared. At the very least, a seed was planted that God can grow.

Paul himself said to the king, “Short time or long—I pray to God that not only you but all who are listening to me today may become what I am, except for these chains.” (Acts 26:29)

No One is too Far to Reach

There is no one too far, too famous, or too rich for God to reach. It’s our own insecurities that can make us reluctant about sharing the good news to people, especially if they are of a different background, culture, or social status.

But for God, none of these things matter. The testimony of a changed life is enough of a miracle to demonstrate God’s power in our lives to others.

We have a mission as Christians to share the gospel, whether it’s with a celebrity, a stranger, or a friend.

Some will receive the message with eagerness and gratitude while some will reject it, but ultimately, God is the one working on the heart. We just need to continue sowing seeds and praying for people, including people like J. Cole and King Agrippa.


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