Where Does Faith Come From?

Where does your faith come from? This question is so simple yet so complicated, especially if you grew up in a Christian household.

From a young age, my mom took me to church every Sunday, so I automatically believed in God. However, as I grew older I gradually drifted from Christianity.

I didn’t understand why I was going to church. I didn’t feel connected to God. In fact, I didn’t know what it meant to be a Christian.

All I knew was that a guy named Jesus died for the sins of the world, but that’s as far as it went.

And I’m sure a lot of people could relate to this.

Parents, Church, and Environment

Like myself, many people grow up going to church their whole life, but never knowing much about the Bible. Most of what they know comes from their family, their church, or their culture, which is not wrong, just limited.

Parents should be involved in their children’s spiritual growth, teaching them faith from a young age and being examples to them in conduct; however, they must also allow their children to discover and build their own faith.

If your faith only comes from your parents, your environment or even your church, your faith is shallow.

Parents and other people in your life help to nurture your faith, but they can’t be the foundation and source of your faith.

What happens if your parents walk away from God?

What happens if you discover your pastor was involved in serious sin?

What would happen to your faith if half of the members in your church walked away from God?

Some of these are real reasons people drift or walk away from God, and a lot of times it happens due to having a shallow faith.

Going Back to the Source of Faith

If you wanted to learn about… let’s say socrates, you would find books and other reliable resources about him; and as you learn more about him, he becomes a real historical figure, one that you believe existed, not because you were told by others, but because you went and checked yourself.

The same thing applies to our faith in God. If you want real, genuine, and unshakable faith, you must go back to the source: the Bible.

Through the Bible, we learn about God’s thoughts, His nature, His feelings, His plan for us, and more. The word of God is the only true foundation for building a real and active faith.

And on that foundation, you can add to your faith by reading other christian books, historical references, commentaries, etc.

Owning your Faith

Owning your faith means that you are seeking God with all your heart. That means asking questions, examining scriptures, and praying to God for guidance.

In Acts 17:10-11, Paul preached to a group of people in the city of Barea. The Bible says that these Bareans had noble character because they were eager to receive the message and examined the scriptures daily.

Why? They wanted to see if what Paul said was true.

These Bareans were eager to hear Paul, but they weren’t naive. They went back to source to see if what Paul was saying aligned with the scriptures.

Likewise, we should desire that same type of heart, to examine, to search, to dig deeper.

Owning your faith is between you and God, but we should also be willing to ask questions and seek help from more mature christians.

Here are some tools to help you build your faith and get deeper in the bible:



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