Trapped Behind Bars

As someone who grew up on Hip Hop and has a genuine appreciation for the art form, I can’t help but notice the falsehood and deceit found in the rap industry. The rap industry has a reputation for promoting rappers that succumb to the demands of major labels even if it means rapping lyrics that they don’t believe in or simply don’t live out.

In Trapped Bars, T.D.I.G.G and I address this issue by teaming up to create the concept of rappers being “Trapped behind their own bars.” This play on words refers to rappers who are trapped behind their own bars (rap verses), which represents the bars (as in, jail cell bars) that they put themselves behind when they lie in their songs. As Hip Hip artists, we believe we have responsibility for the things we talk about in our lyrics. Why? Because the message we bring forth has the potential to influence those that listen to us.

As ¬†Christian artists, we strive to use our art form to build up, encourage, and shed light on relevant issues for those who are listening while bringing glory to God. However, I do understand that many rappers are simply lost in the hype and just want to find away to make it out the projects. Nonetheless, lying your way to fame and money can only take you so far. It’s a weak foundation and in time it will be exposed for what it really is.

That being said, take a listen to Trapped Behind Bars!!

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