How Entitlement Destroys Gratitude

At times, I think that all the answers to my questions should be given to me instantly. I live in a fast-paced world, one with instant gratification easily attained. So I guess that explains my desire for immediate answers.

Another word for this desire to know everything right away is entitlement.  I fall into this mentality a little too often: “God, where is my answered prayer? I mean, I am doing everything right, now give me what I deserve!” This prayer can often represent our relationship with God. But who do we think we are? Who do we think God is? Our magic genie? where we could just rub a lamp and ta da! We summon a God who grants all our wishes, however we want them, whenever we want them. If we are not careful, we can easily be blinded by  what our culture feeds us. Everything is built around the individual, everywhere you turn, the ads, the newsstands, TV commercials, you name it. They all tell us that our happiness is the most important thing in life, because we deserve it. Don’t we?

That’s where we’ve gone wrong. We are not entitled to anything we have. If we have anything at all, it’s because of God’s grace on us, which we don’t deserve. Whatever you have are blessings from God. They are not yours. Your house, your family, your job, your money, your clothes, these things are not yours. They were given to you by God. Maybe you did work really hard, earned good grades, hustled for a good job, pursued your spouse and married them, but none of this would be possible without God giving you the ability or opportunity to experience these blessings. In other words, we are just a stewards of these gifts. So if they are taken away from us, they weren’t ours in the first place.

Let’s reflect on everything we have been given. And let’s give credit to the one who really deserves it. Let’s be thankful to God.  For our lives. For the very breath we breathe. It’s only through his mercy that we can even say “hi” to Him. In reality, we deserve an extra-large cup of God’s wrath, but someone else drank it for us. Someone by the name of Jesus. Let’s not forget that.


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